Monday, December 21, 2009


Using Benzoyl peroxide, This is a powerful acne treatment, treating from moderate to mild cases.

Price: $20 (3 Step System)

Who hasn't heard of Proactive? from the tv commercials to the big vending machines right in the middle of malls, this is a pretty big company. Proactive uses benzoyl peroxide which doesn't blend in well with some peoples skin causing rashes and dry skin to some people. although if your skin blends in well with benzoyl peroxide, this can prove to be a nice acne treatment.

As soon as the first zits appeared on my face, the first thing i tried was Proactive, but it didn't really go well with my skin and it caused rashes. While my brother used Proactive and it went well with his skin and a lot of his zits got cured.

This is worth a try, although it does have a rather pricy cost to it, it can either do wonders or do harm to you! If you haven't tried it before, i would borrow some from your friend to test it out first.

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