Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How to enjoy food, and control acne

Do you constantly worry that every single food you eat will affect your acne in a negative way? do you avoid you favorite foods for the sake of preventing a breakout? Then this is for you! it explains what foods you should avoid, and that some foods are "myths" when it comes to Acne. Click Here!

Home made Acne Remedies

Here is a very interesting take on ways to clear your Acne problems! it talks about how to cure your acne from home, and you don't have to go much outside for these. these home made acne remedies are safe and easy, and it minimizes the use of dangerous technique which may cause Acne Scars. I recommend this as it's an interesting take on acne remedies. Click Here!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Oxi pads

Using Salycic acid, treats acne and blackheads.

Price: $5

These are pads soaked in salycic acid. Some of the reviews i have read for this say that it has worked wonders on them. I recently did a test run for a week by using this two times a day, and these are really good for reducing the amount of new acne you get, but don't do a as good of a job making the big pimples smaller or treating the current one. I like these as they take only twenty seconds or less to use, so it is very quick to use. I once accidentally got a little bit in my eye and it stinged like crazy! These also make your face smell so good and fresh.

Im starting to use this as they are quick and easy to apply.


Using Benzoyl peroxide, This is a powerful acne treatment, treating from moderate to mild cases.

Price: $20 (3 Step System)

Who hasn't heard of Proactive? from the tv commercials to the big vending machines right in the middle of malls, this is a pretty big company. Proactive uses benzoyl peroxide which doesn't blend in well with some peoples skin causing rashes and dry skin to some people. although if your skin blends in well with benzoyl peroxide, this can prove to be a nice acne treatment.

As soon as the first zits appeared on my face, the first thing i tried was Proactive, but it didn't really go well with my skin and it caused rashes. While my brother used Proactive and it went well with his skin and a lot of his zits got cured.

This is worth a try, although it does have a rather pricy cost to it, it can either do wonders or do harm to you! If you haven't tried it before, i would borrow some from your friend to test it out first.

Biore Complexion Clearing Warming Cream Cleanser

Warming anti-blackhead cream cleanser with salicylic acid to fight acne.

Price: $5

Personally, i use this every day and night at the moment, and i could say that this is a good acne treatment. This does a very good job on getting rid of the current acne, but doesn't do much of a job on delaying other acne from popping up. This also treats blackheads which is a really good plus, and my blackheads are extremely odd because on the right side of my nose, i virtually have no blackheads, and on the left side of my nose it is filled with them....

Personally i would recommend this, but different people get different results so it is worth a try.